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March 6, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, Nikaela (my model) and I hopped in the car and headed about 45 minutes south of Portland to Marquam Hill Ranch, home to national award winning and perfect for pet alpacas, where I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with owners, Bill and Jennifer Cameron, for an editorial photoshoot! Let me just say, the Cameron’s and their ranch are top notch! Not only do they have over seventy Huacaya alpacas, but they’re also open seven days a week, welcome visitors and offer tours, run a unique gift store with items made from alpaca fibers (Some of the softest and most remarkable in the world!), and in the summer host Alpaca Yoga! What?!? Yep, they do!! I’d never been up close, much less photographed these teddy bear like animals before, but now I am officially obsessed!! They are adorable, gentle, very intelligent and alert, not dangerous in the least, and some even give kisses. OBSESSED!
A few interesting facts:
- There are 22 natural colors of alpaca fleece, its fiber is hypoallergenic and has a higher tensile strength than wool.
- Alpacas are members of the camelid family.
- In Incan culture, alpaca fleece was reserved for royalty.
- Alpacas were imported to the United States in 1984.
- They normally live 15-20 years
The sweet little girls that are featured in the photoshoot are Kenene (giving the kisses), and Nerissa (slightly larger of the two). Their sweet demeanor won me over!
I would highly recommend a little field trip to Marquam Hill Ranch for classrooms, tour groups and families! You can learn more about Marquam Hill Ranch, the Camerons and alpacas here. Did I mention Alpaca Yoga?!! A couple little exciting nuggets….the image below on the left was selected and featured on Modern Teen Style Magazine  and the image above was featured on Alpacas of Instagram and received 4,333 likes! Mission Accomplished! 🙂

Well that’s all for today! Have a great week!

xo Dani


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PHOTOS BY Dani Rexine