Hailey and Jordon – The way we handle the little things….

March 12, 2018

Happy Monday, Everyone!! Let me introduce you to an awesome couple, Hailey and Jordon. I took Jordon’s senior pictures a couple of years ago, so it was an honor to be asked to photograph his engagement session. Early on, I knew they would be a dream couple when they asked for advice on what they should wear. Not only did they nail my suggestions, Hailey ordered the very skirt and top I had given as an example! DREAM COUPLE!

We’d been closely watching the weather, fingers crossed, and the day of their session was shaping up beautifully! It was cold, but the skies were clear with only a few snowflakes here and there. We were scheduled to begin shooting one hour before sunset, and we all touched base before heading to our location. A few minutes after I arrived, my phone rang. “Dani, this is Jordon. We aren’t far away, but we have a little problem. We ran out of gas at a major stop light.” When I found out which light they were at I soon realized that there wasn’t going to be any pushing the car up the hill to the gas station, not to mention they were dressed in all their finery! My heart sank thinking about the excitement of this day, the time they’d put into preparing every detail, the process of getting ready, the perfect day it had turned out to be, and try as I might, the sun wasn’t going to wait for us. About 10 minutes later, a friend brought them a tank of gas, and 10 minutes after that, they pulled up next to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect….stress lines across the forehead? Tears? Running mascara? I was coaching myself for the pep talk I was sure to give, when they both popped out of the car with giant smiles! I was so impressed with the way this young couple had rebounded from what minutes before had been very stressful. We all took a deep breath, gave a quick hug and got started! The sun gave us everything we needed, the sky turned into a handpainted canvas and Hailey’s poor little feet became a matching shade of purple. The love between these two was so tender, sincere, and beautiful to capture. Hailey and Jordon, thank you for allowing me along on this special day! The unforeseen events of the day were but a glimpse into marriage. The way you handle the little things is a good indicator as to how you will handle bigger things and you both handled them beautifully. In order to have a great love story, there must actually be stories to fill the pages. I wish you both pages and pages of love, blessings and a lot of fun!
xo Dani


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