A few things you may not know about me....

I'm still crushing on my high school sweetheart, who I've been married to for 24 years.

 We have 4 kids and 3 cats

 I've been skydiving and bungee diving

 I can't whistle

 I love lavender lattes and Sangria

 I have a bit of a shoe addiction

I WILL ask you to Dubsmash with me 

Dani Rexine

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catch us in action

I've teamed up with videographer, Milo Demartile, who shot and produced these amazing videos (content is on the mature side for model's portfolio) at a couple of my  editorial photoshoots. If you'd like to add a video to your session, Milo is the man! Custom quotes provided after session has been booked.

About me...
I'm a free spirited, born in the 70's, extravert, who grew up in the midwest. That's where I met a boy. His name was Jon and he was in my 5th grade class. He was super naughty and super cute! He later became my high school sweetheart and two years after graduation, I married that boy!  In 2004, we packed up our family and moved to the PNW. I just love a great adventure!! We now live outside of Portland, Oregon, with our 4 kids- Riley, Kierstyn, Julia and Brady. The ocean (my favorite place), mountains, waterfalls and desert all within reach are this photographer's dream! ........and that my friends, is Dani 101!

My style of photography...
I'm for adventurous, outdoors, and in love! I'm for families, couples, seniors, weddings, elopements, editorials and baby bumps! I'm for poetically telling your story through the lens of a different perspective. The small wisp of hair caught up in the wind, the gaze between lovers, the giggles of children, the dimple on his chin, the curve of her back, and the tear on a cheek. I'm for crazy fun families and couples who aren't afraid of a little PDA. I'm for cultivating relationships, ending each session with new friends.....and if you're brave...a Dubsmash with Dani! What's a Dubsmash? Scroll back up to the video and hit play! ;)

Dani 101

Who's that girl?

For me, a life well lived includes loving hard, working hard, playing hard, crying hard, and laughing hard, which is exactly how I feel about photography! I love capturing the big moments and the small ones, wild love and tender love, hugs and high fives, and I'm willing to hike a mountain, stand knee deep in waves or chase behind you on a zip-line to get it! What makes you, you? There! That! That's what I want to photograph! Did you say you wanted a "Trash the Dress" session? YES! YES! HECKA YES! Muddy, mossy or soaked, I'm in! If you've always wanted to dance, run, play or stomp through fields, oceans, rivers, and water falls, then we are probably the perfect fit! 

You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them.

My philosophy

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